Natalie Bork / Contemporary Installation Artist


Gaze" Skin Series 2010

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This series explores a sculptural & abstract approach to painting, concentrating on alternative processes and the physicality of the material. The main emphasis of the work is the combination of a two dimensional painted surface with a designed three dimensional structure that collides and contrasts, creating tension.

These surfaces, or paint skins as I refer to them, are built by accumulating and manipulating layers of acrylic paint to represent both skin and time. In contrast, the supporting structures are designed to firmly secure curved wood panels with a powder coated steel or wooden frame conveying control.



Battuto Series 2013"Everglades" 2013 Bork McColl Image #6a Everglades 1 0f 2

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Italian word that refers to the process of carving into glass. This featured sculptural art series explores carving into the surface of the forms to reveal the history of the paint skin layers.The end result resembles a topographic map. The revealing of layers signifies how the past affects your future.


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These Water Oak Sculptures uniquely interact with each viewer, seemingly changing in form and shape as the viewer gazes from differing vantage points.



Shaylor Knight: Compliments Shed Brand StudioFused Beveled Glass Wine Cellar Window 2011

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Fused Glass Plates, Bowls, Dishes, Windows, Stained Glass Windows