• Glance

    The cylindrical form is designed to catch the slightest breeze or draft to enable it to slowly oscillate left and right.

    When bodies move around the cylindrical form, the form moves with them,anticipating their movements, it does not force the viewer’s gaze but creates equilibrium between the beholder and the form.

  • Battuto

    Italian word that refers to the process of carving into glass.  This featured sculptural art series explores carving into the surface of the forms to reveal the history of the paint skin layers.

    The end result resembles a topographic map.  The revealing of layers signifies how the past affects your future.

  • Skin

    This series explores a sculptural & abstract approach to painting, concentrating on alternative processes and the physicality of the material.   The main emphasis of the work is the combination of a two dimensional painted surface with a designed three dimensional structure that collides and contrasts, creating tension.

    These surfaces, or paint skins as I refer to them, are built by accumulating and manipulating layers of acrylic paint to represent both skin and time.  In contrast, the supporting structures are designed to firmly secure curved wood panels with a powder coated steel or wooden frame conveying control.

  • Interactive Art

    I’m interested in building relationships with galleries and museums to display my unique public installation art and sculptural paintings.  Each piece contains an element of surprise; whether by a subtle glow of color emitting  from the back of the sculptural painting or a slight movement.

    There’s always a hidden secret that is revealed dependent on how the viewer interacts with the pieces.


Each viewer experiences my public installation art differently, creating and occupying spaces and depths based on their unique perspectives.


I am exploring a sculptural & abstract approach to painting, concentrating on alternative processes and the physicality of material.


I am interested in building relationships with galleries and museums interested in displaying my unique public installation art and sculptural paintings.


For more information, email nataliebork@me.com or call 704.516.0490.

Recent Work

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Interactive gallery installations and sculptural paintings.

About Natalie

She was born around the blizzard of ’77 in Buffalo, NY. She sold her first art piece at eight years of age to a teacher that was moved by her abstract floral composition; at that time her passion for art was ignited and grew into the remarkable career she has today as a professional artist. Natalie studied art at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York, and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where she recently received her Master of Fine Arts with a concentration in painting.

In addition to her Graduate Degree studies and her career as a professional artist, Natalie is a Nationally Certified Fine Arts teacher at the prestigious Charlotte Country Day School, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Natalie’s contemporary art style is well-known throughout Charlotte metro area and is emerging in other cities. She has a strong following of private collectors and has been featured in Museums and Galleries throughout the southeast.

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Address: 216 Iverson Way, Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: 704.516.0490 | Email: nataliebork@me.com