North to South Juried Exhibition
First Place 2011
Green-Rice Art Gallery
Charlotte, NC

8 Natalie Bork Shaylor Knight Glance Interactive

Natalie Bork Shaylor Knight Glance Interactive
“UNCC Exhibition” Battuto Series 2013

The cylindrical form is designed to catch the slightest breeze or draft to enable it to slowly oscillate left and right. When bodies move around the cylindrical form, the form moves with them,anticipating their movements, it does not force the viewer’s gaze but creates equilibrium between the beholder and the form.


Siemens Juried Exhibition at Charlotte Art League
First Place
Charlotte, NC

Juror Comments

“First place ‘Glance,’ was fascinatingly peculiar. This massive cylinder impacts the viewer directly at the mid-torso generating a feeling of power and authority. Suspended just off the floor it gives the appearance it could be solid, and falling would render a powerful thud. Gouged and marked the surface shows the artists’ hand at carving relief that plays a rhythm with lines and extraneous marks both on and imbedded in the material.”

– Jane Allen Nadine, Siemens Juror, Professor of Art and Director of the Curtis R.Harley Art Gallery University of South Carolina Upstate